Welcome to the World Wide TR7 TR8 Owners Club we look after the TR7 (2.0 and 2.0 16 Valve) and the TR8 (V8 3.5) that TRIUMPH produced from 1975 through to 1981    
    Unfortunately I've been extremely busy with work for some time now and its not looking much better short term so I'm still behind on getting the site back to where it once was. So in the interests of fairness we are not accepting new members until the site is back to where it once was. However a significant number of people have asked to join anyway so If you accept that the site is only around 65% of where it once was (90% of the TR7 TR8 video collection is now back better than ever having now been restored and upscaled to HD) then please click here. If not please keep checking back later.    

Members have said: "Wow what a treasure trove" - "I have no idea how you managed to collect so much TR7 TR8 information" - "Fantastic video footage I'd never seen before" - "Excellent value for money"


If you'd like to talk to contact us please call us please email info@tr7-tr8.com

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